We are Hüman, you are Hüman.

Design By Humans is creative community of T-Shirt design lovers. From shopping for new graphic tees, organizing design contests and communicating fashion trends; we are a society of artists, fashion gurus and expressive humans. This is our network that we represent, create a free account today and be apart of our talented t-shirt designer community.

Starting with the New Shirt of the Day

When the clock strikes midnight a new shirt is born. Every 24 hours a new Shirt of the Day is available for $18, and a new winning artist is awarded $1000. After the day is over a new shirt then is framed to the gallery. The best shirts are promoted to the top 50, and the best of the best earn a limited edition reprint.

The Top 50 Most Wanted

These are the best of the best t-shirts at Design By Humans. The top 50 most wanted shirts from collections over the last four years. These shirts thrive on their creativity, color and detail as they stand out as some of the most eye-catching t-shirts on the planet.

I Am Human, We are a Community

We are all human, and we want to take those strengths to the limit. Through community, creation, and support we are creating a growing network of designers and T-Shirt connoisseurs. Please login today to enhance your human experience with Design By Humans. Visit daily to check the new shirt of the day, or stay in touch with our social media networks, facebook, twitter, emails, tumblr, google plus or pinterest.

Are you an artist?
Design By Humans awards cash for winning t-shirt design contests like the Shirt of the Day, special event or benefit events. Submit a design today for a chance to win $1000.

Are you a Fashion Activist?
You can vote in the next winning Shirt of the Day print, and help establish the next fashion trend. Our voting section features hundreds of excellent designs. These are limited edition prints by great fashion artist from around the world. They are printed on high quality tees like American Apparel and Premium Blend blanks.

Are You A Design Critic or Student?
There is an entire community section for you to teach and learn t-shirt design. This is a great resource for gaining feedback and improving your artistic talents.

The T-Shirt Facts

All of our t-shirts are printed using state-of-the-art screen-printing processes and other apparel embellishment techniques, including soft-hand inks, water-based inks, specialty inks, foils, and flocks. DBH is an environmentally friendly company and all of our inks are phthalate-free. All of our t-shirts are either 100% combed ring spun cotton or a 50/50 cotton-poly blend. The description on the detail page of each t-shirt will indicate which type of t-shirt that particular design is printed on. The t-shirts tend to fit in between a basic and a slim fit t-shirt. The measurements given in our size charts have a variance of +/- one inch.

The Design Contests

Anyone can submit designs for an opportunity to win $1000. Once a design is submitted they are approved by Design By Humans and the voting begins. Everyday a new winner is chosen from the voting pool. The designer is then awarded $1000 cash and 6 free T-Shirts.

Winning designs then get t-shirts printed and featured on the home page of the site for 24 hours, selling the T-shirt at a discounted rate. If the t-shirt becomes a top seller, more commissions are paid to the artists. While there are some really talented and seasoned artist, we also enjoy new talent and creativity. We specialize in all over and oversized prints. Whether your style is witty, simple, abstract or detailed, we accept all designs and are excited to see new talent joining the community.