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Create Officially Licensed Products with a Design By Humans FanShop

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Before you get started

Let's make sure your design passes some basic guidelines. Take a look at the checklist below to make sure your design doesn't get turned away

  • Did you create it?

    Did you create it?

    Plagiarism is strictly prohibited, if our review team has any reason to believe that a submission may contain stolen or reproduced elements, the submission will rejected and you will be publicly and privately shamed.

  • Is it a mash-up?

    Is it a mash-up?

    Mash-ups are designs that combine two or more brands/intellectual properties (IP's) to create a new artwork featuring elements that borrow from each respective license. While these can be fun and extremely creative, they must be approved by all parties featured and typically don't reflect the visual consistency of a single brand. For those reasons, they won't be accepted for a FanShop.

  • How will it print?

    How will it print?

    Sometimes great designs can't be printed simply because the artwork isn't saved properly. To make sure your design looks as good printed as it does on screen, make sure your design submission is a minimum of 6000px wide.

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