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Retro T Shirts, Tanks And Hoodies

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Retro t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints will throw you back to the old school with modern fashion.

Retro t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints Flashback Color and Designs

Retro designs have the modern and vintage look. It's a back to the future, classic design in modern form, basically the futuristic ideas from the past. The post modern designs grab attention to detail and often with a fun witty design.


The best of our retro t-shirts are Retro TV Colour Test Man, throwing back to the 70's with the analog color test on your screen. The word retro means past times, so everything in this category is historical. Whether it's the classic 90's colors, a cassette tape or something out of the prehistoric days you're sure to find it in the retro category.

As far as trends goes, retro t-shirts, tank tops, sweatshirts, phone cases and art prints are popular with the older generations which can remember the classic cars, or old school gaming systems. The color themes are de saturated from forest greens and creams, and the occasional vibrant highlight. When it comes down to it, retro says a lot about your past and what you like. There are plenty of cool designs to keep the wardrobe hip and groovy.

Many of our retro t-shirts capture a humorous side of society and its infinite supply of subject matter. Retro clothing should be more of a statement than a just a simple fashion piece, right? Well we think so. Our artists nail the harmony of multiple subjects which live in the retro category; combining humor, irony, style, pop culture of past and present and amazing color work.


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