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The Event Is Here!

CraveOnline and Design By Humans Team Up For an Epic Showdown in Austin Texas

  • When: 12:30pm - Wednesday March 13, 2013
  • Where: Rusty’s, located at 405 E 7th st in downtown Austin, Tx

Design By Humans and CraveOnline present “What Do You Crave” live art competition at Rusty’s in Austin Texas. Wednesday at 12:30pm, two Design By Humans artists will be battling head to head in front of a live audience to see who reigns superior. The party will be open to the public to come witness the head to head art contests and listen to the epic line up of music throughout the day and party at night.

Design By Humans will be featuring the final art battle for the “What do you Crave contest?” The winner will receive $1000 in prize money as well as a featured printed t shirt from Design By Humans. The event will be hosted at Rusty’s, located at 405 E 7th St. in downtown Austin, Texas. The design contestants will have 90 minutes to design a winning t shirt, in a live action design contest. So, What do you Crave? Design By Humans and CraveOnline will host a night full of cravings, music, art and drinks. You can view more about the event on Facebook.

If you’re attending the biggest music and video festival of the year, or will be around Rusty’s in Austin, Texas don’t miss your chance to check out some new Design By Humans releases and a night full of entertainment, music and fun. The “What do you Crave?” winning shirts will be available for sale as a limited edition prints March 18th through the 20th

Trend setters, entertainers, fashion gurus, stylists, music lovers, artist and fun loving people head over to Rusty’s in Austin, Texas on March 13th and have a great time with the Design By Humans and the CraveOnline crew.

Contest Details

Design By Humans & CraveOnline Presents, What Do You Crave?

Your heart is racing as you step on to a live stage at the most prolific technology, music, and video event of the year in Austin Texas. As the band plays on the next stage over, you move forward to battle your opponent. In front of you are two computers projecting a blank Photoshop canvas on the wall, while all around you a live audience is cheering your every move. You sit down, pick up your Wacom pen, and for the next 90 minutes you will show the world what it is to be an artist. You will define who you are as the barren canvas is filled with the most heroic artwork you will ever create.

Design By Humans and CraveOnline are teaming up to produce and document the most epic head-to-head art battle that has ever been conceived on the biggest stage of the year. Two winners will be selected, flown to Austin Texas to compete in a head-to-head art design battle and to tell their story through art on a live stage.

CraveOnline will document the live head-to-head battle in a video production. Design By Humans empowers artists, and we want to give you a platform to share your voice.

The T-Shirt Design Contest

The contest theme is simple, "What Do You Crave?" Entrants will be judged on based on topic execution, comments, votes, and engagement. Three winners will be chosen, and the top two winners will be flown, to Austin Texas to compete in the head-to-head live art battle to be documented by CraveOnline.

What is it you Crave? Whether it’s a Soy Latte, a rare action figure or a chocolate dipped strawberry we want you to get creative and explore the idea of cravings. Zombies crave brains, Vampires crave blood, Windmills crave the wind and Humans crave air. Be inspired and create an amazing design that every human will want to wear. Think cool, trendy and make people want to crave this winning T-shirt. We’d tell you to put your thinking caps on but we know you wear them all the time!

About CraveOnline

CraveOnline is the source for all of the entertainment needs that young men have. Represented by some of the leading sites in film, gaming, sports and video, CraveOnline is the premier destination for in depth news, interviews and reviews. CraveOnline feeds the appetites of nearly 26 million unique visitors every month with information from the voices that matter to young men. Here at CraveOnline we are constantly striving to reflect the interests of our audience while serving as trendsetters and tastemakers in our areas of expertise with intelligence (always), class (sometimes) and a side order of humor (usually).



  1. U.S.A. Winner

    $1000 + Round Trip airfare to Austin Texas, 2 Night Stay, $200 Spending Cash

  2. U.S.A. Winner

    $1000 + Round Trip airfare to Austin Texas, 2 Night Stay, $200 Spending Cash

  3. International Winner



  • February 12, 2012

    Contest begins

  • March 4 Midnight, 2012

    Contest concludes

  • March 12, 2013

    Two winners fly to Austin Texas

  • March 13, 2013

    Epic head-to-head battle begins

  • March 18-20, 2013

    Winning shirts go on sale


  • Participants can submit as many designs as they want, no limit.

  • This design must be 100% your own work, please do not submit art that is produced by someone else. Proof of original source material may be required to be eligible to win prizes.

  • DO NOT use images directly taken from a third party/ use protected symbols/logos or characters that may have copyright protection.

  • All submissions are reviewed by Design By Humans before posting to for fans to vote on. DBH does not allow profanity, pornographic or racist imagery or verbiage.

  • Two U.S. winners will be selected to compete in a live head-to-head, video recorded, art battle in Austin Texas. You must be available March 12 & 13 and be willing to document your journey and share your story as an artist


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cool bro

nevermind, all i had to do was scroll up :p

Saweeeet! end of the day sunday?

We extended the contest through the weekend :)

When is the submission cutoff? I know its today, but when today? lol

Just submitted a design.But not aiming for 1st and second place :( Goodluck everyone.

I’m going to SXSW this year. Is there any way I could watch this live? That would be so cool! Where / when is this? Thanks!

This is exciting :) So if contest concludes March 1st, and voting ends the 12th(?), when do you announce the U.S winners? Will the winner be submitting another piece of artwork live in the head-to-head battle? :)

@Inked Nice one sounds good

ok..i wanna get the third place.. yeehaaaaaaa

That is a great question. Unfortunately the live battle won’t be live streamed. It will however be recorded and made into a video that will be available to watch afterwards so you’ll still be able to see this one of a kind event.

Yeah makes sense and I also agree. Will the stage battle be shown via live stream? I think it would be great to watch.

@MrFourFingers You’re correct. There were a number of considerations we had to look at and ultimately the short period between the contest launch and the live battle at SXSW presented a logistics issue with arranging for international travel. Based on this, we decided to restrict the eligibility of the 1st and 2nd place prizes to US winners only.

I’ve always wanted to compete in Cut & Paste…sounds just as cool and intense!

sounds nuts! It does state “flown in” and then mentions US winners and battle? So does “flown in” mean withing US and not for foreigners outside US?

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