plane plane Human from Maldives

mmm… I like it so much!

afterburner987 afterburner987 Human from United States

It’s just… wow. Love it. +1

MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

@ENIONE no one seems to have noticed

Tystarr Tystarr Human from United States

yeah, I think I just fell in love with a shirt.

Katrin89 Katrin89 Human from Ukraine

so…great!I have no words…

DualShock3 DualShock3 Human from United States


Charlie1361 Charlie1361 Human from United States

@DualShock3 o, rly?

PerfectParadigm PerfectParadigm Human from CA, United States

@DualShock3 I thought the same thing man. Respectively.. good try and all, but its just a reiteration of another persons work…. who happened to make an official logo for the movie…

madwing madwing Human from Canada

It is good work, but it is not original. It does upset me that this design has one of the highest votes. A more original work should win this.

vanflyhigh vanflyhigh Artist from Philippines

yeah i agree with madwing.. but we all leave it up to the jury of this contest… anyway its still a cool piece of art too kirillburton :)

kirillburton kirillburton Artist from Russia

Hi, guys! Thanks for your votes and support, I really appreciate that! Also thanx to every criticizing comment, I understand all of them.
I wanted to say one thing – Yes, the idea of “buildings-sky-batlogo” is not an original one, BUT every touch and every line on my design IS original and all this work was NOT copying of movie artwork. I had to draw every building only by my hands, and it was very hard to join the flats and make ONE epic logo out of them.
You can compare my design and movie artwork by passing these links.

http://cs10727.userapi.com/u7479542/-14/w_20b39ced.jpg (MY DESIGN)
http://www.thedarkknightrises.com/downloads/posters/TheDarkKnightRises_TeaserPoster.jpg (Movie Poster)
So, now that you can see every line, you might have find that both works ARE original, they are different at all but the main idea. BUT nobody came up with a really original idea for these designs because every work at this competition is a tribute to one epic saga which is called BATMAN, where every character is already created and designed.
And what good designer MUST do – he must interpret these characters or ideas in one design, he must create a really eye-catching shirt where every detail is the part of one whole picture.
He must make a shirt which everybody would want to wear, and everybody can understand what it is about when we are talking about THE DARK KNIGHT RISES

lfadgadl lfadgadl Human from United States

it’s still a major rip off

davlet davlet Human from Albania


Anti-hu Anti-hu Artist from United States

The design doesn’t work for a t shirt imo, It was meant for posters and trailers, just doesn’t fit.

RiDDle1 RiDDle1 Human from United States


CreativeGuy CreativeGuy Artist from United States

Not a very original idea, but a nice execution at that

ENAJUSTES ENAJUSTES Artist from Mar del Plata, Bs. As., Argentina

Even though we’ve seen this already, the style is neat. Voted.

lelxrv lelxrv Artist from Germany

One of the best. Hope you will win.

Ampix0 Ampix0 Artist from NJ, United States

Oh damn :/ I didn’t know it was a rip off, I already voted.

minusone minusone Human from United States

why vote for this when you could just get the much higher quality one that already exists? ...

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