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Great !


really NICE!


Looks great! Cool colors! Well done! Good Luck!

Love the atmosphere of your work and the way you have captured Batman looking so distant and lost within the fog! Nice work!!
You’ve got my support.
You can check out my entry over here

Voted! love the colours!

Please let me know what you think of my designs.



+1 from me, I voted for u
My work was one of the last ones to be uploaded and it happened to be on the 5th page! I hope you will like the shirt that I came up with and you will vote for me. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you :)

That smoky blue looks sweet with the lines running through it. This one really stands out.

+1 vote from me. Great work and good luck!
Check out my submission, let me know what you think? Vote for vote?

Love the colour choice!

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