cpdesign cpdesign Artist from United States

Great concept and design!

gemalanes gemalanes Human

great job!

InBrightestDay InBrightestDay Artist from Kentucky, United States

very awesome

MR-NICOLO MR-NICOLO Artist from Philippines

this is superb!

tornapart tornapart Artist from Italy

wow i like it!

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

clever.. deserves all the votes it is getting. well done. +1

minhquach94 minhquach94 Artist from Canada

I would really appreciate if you can have a look and judge my design, i value feedback from others :)

StevenToang StevenToang Artist from Malaysia


OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

I am really going for this piece and the way Batman’s face is captured in looking up and constructed from the cityscape and the bat signal created from the outline of the sky and the bright light that draws you in! I like the aquatic colours you have gone for which give the design a subterranean feel and the little details like the faint particles and droplets above and below the scene! Love it!

danijel022 danijel022 Artist from Michigan, United States

Great design! I would appreciate your opinion about my work. :)

Conzeit Conzeit Artist from Colombia

Really impressive. I love how the Bat Emblem in the sky of gotham got refferenced without reusing the same image, not to mention the Batman composed from the skycraper windows AND you didnt resort to daylight for the bright sky, thatI lbright nightsky seems to show every constellation in the universe, I bet that wouldnt be possible in a metropoli like Gotham :p.
I wanted to put like 5 different ideas in my shirt and even when I narrowed it down to 2 I still couldnt capture it, while here it shows you knew what ideas you were going to do and just how to do that.
Your experience with design and T-shirt design really shows. I hope the 3 shirts Nolan judges on visualize an idea to the level like yours does =)

DigitalAntMe DigitalAntMe Artist from United States

Great Design ! !
Please Check out my design! ! !

marcatalyst marcatalyst Artist from United States

Voted! this is trippy :P
Please let me know what you think of my designs.



KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

+1 from me, I voted for u
My work was one of the last ones to be uploaded and it happened to be on the 5th page! I hope you will like the shirt that I came up with and you will vote for me. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you :)

samalope samalope Artist from Indonesia

awesome concept +1

angry_monk angry_monk Artist from Philippines

+1 for this nice stuff!

RoyA RoyA Human from Israel

I think this will be the One that makes it. +1

buko buko Artist from Macedonia

awesome concept! +1

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