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Studio8 Risess! can’t wait others submissions after this one. Rock on +1!

print! +1

awesome design, it’s going to be tough going against someone with experience. But I’ll get something up eventually after I get used to the tablet I ordered.. This one is going to be at the top for sure – good work!

wow! superb work!!! :D

Thnx guys! Appreciated! Goodluck guys!

@Studio8Worx How did you manage to make this? Do you draw using a tablet?

Just.. wow! Freaking amazing!! Good luck sir!

so this will surely the top of the 1st batch of entries and maybe on the top finalist…great comeback sir Studioworx.!

Amazing !!

This is such a great work! Love it



Another awesome design from Studio8! Will definitely be wearing this to the movie :)

Excellent!!! What else can be said!

wow!!! 155 votes, hard to beat bro, nde nako gagawa. :D


boom… studio8worx rises…… ang lupit…

Wow! Guys this is great..Its been a long time I received an early higher votes after Thunderbird. Thank u so much!
DarkKnightRises: using wacom. I did some rough sketch directly in photoshop and get the layout I want. Honestly im not really good in comic drawing so I just rendered everything based on my own style. Lasso Tool is my fav tool to get the shape and shadowing. I only look on the part of the shadow that I can apply my favorite psd brushes. I was using my Batman Figure (The Dark Knight) I bought in HotToys as my ref and google some images of BANE. Spacemonkey9700: Hopefully this one got a chance to make it on the top so we both wearing this in the movie. LOL Thnx a lot guys!

congrats in advance! mabuhay!

Great work….! congrats

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