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Pretty legit

we have nothing to do against this WINNING DESING!! haha….really all your works are simply breathtaking!! If you want, check my entry! Watching the World Burn thanks a lot!!

I hope u win! Other shirts, who received more votes look so ridiculous on your background :)
Good luck!

amazing work! +1

its a shame this design was pushed from 1st place to 12th ……no doubt in my mind that this design will win some sort of cash prize though, love it

Love this! Nice work!

Wow, a shame that this isn’t first place…

Im sure you will find that at least one of his designs will be in the top 5, if not win.

Congratulations man! great work got the right recognition! wish you all the best for the future.

Congrats! Great design

I would like to ask you about your designs on t shirt , can i take screenshot and print it on my t shirt ?
I have epson printer,screen print ,heat press and knowledge to use adobe Photoshop. I am private person not company or shop so i will print your design on 1-2 t shirts , your permission so important for me .


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