atatos atatos Artist from Bangka Island, Indonesia

great !!

RoyA RoyA Human from Israel

Smart design +1

petermahood petermahood Human from United Kingdom

i got this poster in my room i got it for christmas

ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@petermahood lol awsome! glad you like it.

funzilla funzilla Human from United States


thinwhiteduke thinwhiteduke Human from United States

My favorite by far.

MrMidnight MrMidnight Human from United States

This shirt is absolutely amazing. I’d be shocked if it didn’t win. It truly deserves it. I want to buy it now.

ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@MrMidnight thank you

lar_ayala lar_ayala Human


SHULEE SHULEE Artist from ACCRA, Ghana


ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@SHULEE thanks

ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@lar_ayala i am the designer of both designs. here’s a link to my deviant art page also http://fav.me/d389tjh

MattPeppler MattPeppler Human from United States

You should have put the whole design on the shirt instead of adding that fade.

susruto susruto Human from India

@ryanluckoo ,hey brother,first of all the design you’ve made is awesome!Could you please let me know how to embed or attach a design on a tshirt template?

ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@susruto Thanks man. im not too sure what u mean, but i u can just use illustrator or photoshop assuming u already have a shirt template. Vector images work best. u can get the shirt templates here also along with the design guide http://www.designbyhumans.com/designguide/ hope this helps.

buraque buraque Artist from Turkey

I think the type in the background ruins the overall effect and doesn’t add any strength to the design. The illustration on the other hand makes good use of the negative spaces and it is very nicely crafted.

mkennedy4782 mkennedy4782 Human from Australia

I don’t get this crap. I’ve submitted 3 designs and all have been rejected. It says mine doesn’t reach the “minimum requirements”!
What requirements? This one has nothing mine does not.
Sorry, just angry I put so much time and effort in for nothing.

MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

@mkennedy4782 yours must be pretty amazing then, if you are comparing it to this (well the original poster is awesome and then some) you can always ping the link here

mkennedy4782 mkennedy4782 Human from Australia

@MrFourFingers this design is awesome no doubt. Mine is a photoshop only design (as are some of the other entries) and of course I think my design competes with some of these other ones.

Just a but frustrated not understanding why the rejections. I’d wear my t-shirts lol

ryanluckoo ryanluckoo Artist from Canada

@mkennedy4782 are you sure you got the dimensions right?

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