Yogesh28 Yogesh28 Human from India

Sure print! +1

DesignLawrence DesignLawrence Artist from MI, United States

awesome… +1

theycallmeteddy theycallmeteddy Artist from Indonesia

Very cool atmosphere

Grim88Presence Grim88Presence Human from texas, United States

299 votes and mine was the 300th

StevenToang StevenToang Artist from Malaysia

thank u for all votes and comments.guys!! ^^

litlecrzynthehead litlecrzynthehead Human from United States

WOW this is my fav. Bad Ass!!!!!!!!

KRCompanion KRCompanion Artist from CA, United States

Why the stock photo of Bane?

JoeConde JoeConde Artist from Philippines

@KRCompanion, because the screening panel allowed it. So what are you trying to imply here?

sesnyder sesnyder Artist from Minnesota, United States


akirayyen akirayyen Human from Kuala Lumpur, Singapore

Malaysian support Malaysian~~

topejava topejava Artist from Marikina, Philippines

awesome :)

cpdesign cpdesign Artist from United States

Great lighting and shadow work here.

InBrightestDay InBrightestDay Artist from Kentucky, United States

iconic imagery

alchris alchris Artist

love it

mrmagpie mrmagpie Human from United Kingdom

love your design. it’s up there with this one

I will tell my friends to vote for you :)

danijel022 danijel022 Artist from Michigan, United States

Great design! I would appreciate your opinion about my work. :)

rmarvindesign rmarvindesign Artist from IL, United States

Great Design! The vertical lights work very well for the tshirt composition

Check out mine here and here and throw them a vote or comment if you like it!

KosAllinvain KosAllinvain Artist from Minsk, Belarus

+1 from me, I voted for u
My work was one of the last ones to be uploaded and it happened to be on the 5th page! I hope you will like the shirt that I came up with and you will vote for me. I will appreciate it very much. Thank you :)

buko buko Artist from Macedonia

great work! +1

JoanaMarie JoanaMarie Human from United States

I like the design. I hope you have superman design as well. Good job on this. Joe Aldeguer

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