ghozai ghozai Artist from malang, Indonesia

so, powerfull design!

roncabardz roncabardz Artist from Philippines

coool! kooky! +1

sakshamputtu sakshamputtu Artist from Karnataka, India

this is nice!

dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

great work! +1

zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines

great work my friend :D +1

Yogesh28 Yogesh28 Human from India

Brilliant work! I love it!

KolbyBauswell KolbyBauswell Artist from Georgia, United States

Really cool.

GOenogo GOenogo Artist from Semarang, Indonesia

vote +1

theDarkerKnight theDarkerKnight Human from United States

You have a gift my friend. By god I will make sure this t shirt wins…. or die trying. I want it real bad!

Bewernia Bewernia Human from Canada

Too many happy colors. I don’t get it.

jhernandez81 jhernandez81 Artist from United States

why is batman in time square?

Mohacsy Mohacsy Artist from Victoria, Australia

nice one kooky, creates a great feeling

sesnyder sesnyder Artist from Minnesota, United States




budionohey budionohey Artist from Indonesia

wuoo awesome mas dina!!

InBrightestDay InBrightestDay Artist from Kentucky, United States

the colors are awesome

mrmagpie mrmagpie Human from United Kingdom

love your design. it’s up there with this one

I will tell my friends to vote for you :)

OPTIKblok OPTIKblok Artist from London, United Kingdom

Love the vibrant colours you have used in your piece and the way fluorescent colours bleed like strobe lighting in this night scene and captured the hustle and bustle of a busy populated city around him (I must ask, is it based on New York’s Time Square?) I like how you have placed Batman’s silhouette in the foreground, creating a noticeable absence in this picture, as if to suggest both Batman as being out-of-place and very much an outsider and habitual night creature! Really good!

danijel022 danijel022 Artist from Michigan, United States

Great design! I would appreciate your opinion about my work. :)

DigitalAntMe DigitalAntMe Artist from United States

Cool Design ! !
Please Check out my design! ! !

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