Sorool Sorool Artist from United States

Have you thought about using fire?

SHULEE SHULEE Artist from ACCRA, Ghana


DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks guys, but you 3 DIDN’T VOTE!!!! : P .

Yeah Drummy77, it’s a good idea to see the negative version of the design, i should try it.

Sorool There are some flames underneath burning the symbol.

Diegonzalez Diegonzalez Artist from Spain

Wow, that is my favourite one. One of my winners by far!. Anyways antoher vote for the negative image here. That coul be even cooler

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks Diegonzalez : )

JoshuaDiazM JoshuaDiazM Human from Mexico

It looks incredible! I would buy one. +1vote

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Gracias! JoshuaDiazM

bandy bandy Artist from India


DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks bandy, really appreciate your vote from India! : )

flaxitophia flaxitophia Artist from Philippines, Philippines

i love the brushes yo use!! +1 from me

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thanks flaxitophia! It was really hard to create the concept from my head, i wanted it as perfect as i imagined u_u, did 4-5 sketches at least before this final one and didn’t like any of them XD.

I used so many brushes in most of the process but i also used the pencil and other tools ; )

You can see it better in this pic:

batlovescatDC batlovescatDC Human from United States

It’s really hard to tell what’s going on here. When I wear a TDKR shirt I want everybody to look at it and go “Wow, that’s awesome!” Not “What is that supposed to be?”

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

If they don’t recognize it, they are not batman fans man…It is violent, rough and dark as I thought the design in my mind and according to TDKR.

; )

maillolet maillolet Human from United States

Really cool man! I think this is one of the most deep designs. +1

Sithos Sithos Human from AZ, United States

I know you didn’t appreciate my input before, but I’m trying to help. With a few tweaks I would consider this shirt something I would personally buy, and I consider that a compliment. As batlovescatDC and I have touched on this shirt might be hard for people to understand. The point of this contest is to make shirts that will promote the movie, not just appeal to batman fans exclusively. It seems like you’re the type of person who doesn’t take constructive criticism and only wants compliments. How do you hope to improve anything if you can’t value all input?

Asheesweety Asheesweety Human from Canada

I do believe it’s promoting the movie by having Bane and the bat symbol on it. Problem?

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Trust me when i say that I really appreciate it Sithos. I agree with most of the things you and batlovescatDC said, don’t want to argue about this but as you well know we can’t change the submit once it has been uploaded…so usually is easy to find in contests people who write an input in public trying to smear a participation because they are afraid it wins. Not your case probably, don’t really know as you don’t know me to say what type of person I am man.

I’m just telling that people who really want to help, serious, ‘‘proffesional’‘(or not) would do that just sending a private or something…there’s no need to bash a person’s entry.

Sithos Sithos Human from AZ, United States

I didn’t mean any offense, I’m actually not very familiar with DBH, I’m more of a woot/threadless guy. With woot you sometimes see up to 5 versions of a shirt submitted before it catches it’s stride and goes on to win. I also didn’t know private messaging was even an option. I have nothing against you winning I plan on buying whatever shirts win as a huge batman fan and the reason I gravitated towards this contest in the first part. As a gesture of good faith I’ll vote for your design as it is something I could see myself wearing. I wish you nothing but the best of luck.

MakeGotham MakeGotham Artist from Finland

Sooooo coooool and dark man. Prefer the large version of the design in the shirt. 1 vote.

DYOKER DYOKER Artist from Spain

Thank you MakeGotham : )

Don’t worry Sithos, I know you just wanted to give me a good feedback and I really understood what you meant, there’s no problem man, thanks for the advice and voting me, i’m proud to find people like you. Are you going to participate?

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