DjJordiRiera DjJordiRiera Human from Mexico

awesome! One of my 2 favorites!

Bhanu Bhanu Human from India

best of the best..

SHULEE SHULEE Artist from ACCRA, Ghana

solid artpiece…goood job done

biticol biticol Artist from Murcia, Spain

This is awesome!

7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States


Mikeiza Mikeiza Human from United States

Jizaguirre FTW!!

Lucrono Lucrono Human from United States

Where do i seriously buy one?

AnkitaPopli AnkitaPopli Human from New Delhi, India


apoklipsys apoklipsys Human from United States

i wanna buy it!

goandie goandie Human from Argentina

i would like to buy it too :D

matrakas4 matrakas4 Human from United States

¡Está bien chido!

RicoMambo RicoMambo Artist from Croatia


pizzaslut pizzaslut Human from United States

this batman looks more darker than the rest. love the design+1

fourscore fourscore Artist from Indonesia

cool +1

barmalizer barmalizer Artist from kuningan, Indonesia


daBnB daBnB Artist from Belgium

Impressive! +1

roncabardz roncabardz Artist from Philippines

nice! +1

kejchal kejchal Human from Czechia

this one is the best so far

zsyd zsyd Artist from Cebu, Philippines

great work my friend :D +1

sinergia sinergia Human from United States
Gran diseño, Representa muy bien a la pelicula.
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