dzeri29 dzeri29 Artist from Manila, Philippines

nice ;) +1

PenGrapH PenGrapH Artist from Parijs van Java, Indonesia

nice +

binxent binxent Artist from Philippines

Great! +1

iolak iolak Artist from Philippines

Nice! :D

MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

when I saw the thumbnail I thought she was hugging a massive ice lolly. Kinda wanted a lolly

Egger Egger Artist from Hungary

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh it’s f***ing nice! A-bomb for everyone! :))))).... Gimme a print!

AgostoFilipino AgostoFilipino Artist from Manila, Philippines

for the win!

Waste_Factory Waste_Factory Artist from Singapore


dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines


alchemist alchemist Artist from Manila, Philippines

yeahh FTW+1

jun087 jun087 Artist from Ipoh, Malaysia

yes nice but no sure about the bottom part..+1

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

love this +1

gustavo gustavo Artist from Brazil


boostr29 boostr29 Artist from California, United States


MrFourFingers MrFourFingers Artist from London, United Kingdom

@jun087 yeah thats pretty weak

redboink redboink Artist from Philippines


pigboom pigboom Artist from Antique, Philippines

very nice.+1

FZDAkurt FZDAkurt Artist from Cebu City, Philippines

great work dude!+1

DesignLawrence DesignLawrence Artist from MI, United States

nice.. +1

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