nice and sharp :D

Olsson Olsson Human

Would buy one!

theycallmeteddy theycallmeteddy Artist from Indonesia

i luv this oneeee

great style

sourcream sourcream Human

I’m at the edge of the tip now…

muflo muflo Human from Bari, Italy


iceblink_ iceblink_ Human

awsome. I would buy it

koosha koosha Human

hi i lov ur designs! u shd really sell them!:)
i followed ur link from DA btw :D

lizardboi lizardboi Artist

hooo, i like it! goenz said black shirt, i say red. It would be cool. And for me position is okay totally.

goenz goenz Artist from Singapore

cool one..but i prefer in black tshirt with white kanji

Steven Steven Artist

i like it, but the placement would need to be sorted – it looks a little off centre. maybe the cloud(?) background could extend right over the seam?

cool though!

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

This is my favorite shirt from you. I love the design of this character…

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