only in medium? or is small just sold out?

Anthonyo Anthonyo Human

This shirt is so awesome, The colors are great and it is nice and soft.

herman16 herman16 Human

This is still the most beautiful shirt available on this site, and my favorite piece of clothing. Must be selling like crazy to be out of everything but XL and XXL, and the girl’s shirts are COMPLETELY gone. Thank God I got mine when I did.

FactoryZ FactoryZ Artist

glad this won shirt of the day and the week. it deserved it. definitely represents “design by humans” in my opinion—some stuff on here is looking too much like “threadless.com-cutesy-cliche- humor-tees”. im buying this shirt when i have the spare change…kudos dhectwenty

dhectwenty dhectwenty Artist from Hong Kong

Thanks for the great comments! And thanks to DBH for selecting this design as SHIRT OF THE WEEK!


Edword Edword Artist

congrats on shirt of the week!

njuguna njuguna Human from Nairobi, Kenya

Man this is way too tight. Keep up the good job dude

bought this for my lady, she loves it!
congrats on shirt of the week honors!

this joint is sick

illustplosion illustplosion Artist from United States


miminari miminari Artist

OMG, amazing!!! I wont it))))))

xXonigiri xXonigiri Human

wow i wanna buy this. sweet shirt. :D

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

awesome shirt!
Congrats! I can see the being shirt of the week for sure!

danr danr Artist

looks great

chelly chelly Human

that’s really pretty!

Steven Steven Artist

absolutley gorgeous

the prettiest pile of poo i’ve ever had land on a shirt. Nice work!

ladykat ladykat Human

Oh wow, this is amazing!

This is gorgeous!!!

dhectwenty dhectwenty Artist from Hong Kong

thanks for all the comments! ;)

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