Skadegan Skadegan Human

The motions of the colors are dazzling :D
Wonderful work, I would kill to have a shirt like this.

anakost anakost Artist

thanks for all friend, more vote please…

aman aman Artist

Now, this is fantastic :) I love the whole stuff, except white shirt… Anyway, got my big vote!

tnation tnation Human

I am listening and it sounds beautiful.

PaulSizer PaulSizer Artist

Very nice, clean design. Vote from Sizer!

NathaWay NathaWay Artist

Great design

cmarts cmarts Artist from Indonesia

cool work mate :D

This is awesome! got my vote.

mumolabs mumolabs Artist from Yogyakarta, Indonesia

hehe ternyata belum vote… +1 guh!
great work!

io_tee io_tee Artist from East Coast, Singapore

wow! fresh colors! lovely work man!

jonwelby jonwelby Artist

You can almost see it move, really cool.

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

oh wow, sorry to have just noticed, this is great

hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

looks like a sprite ad haha. well the colors. :p +1

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