cocorrina cocorrina Human from Greece

awesome i just love it!

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

yes! +1

BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States


leech_ leech_ Artist from Philippines

looks nice!

daleconcepts daleconcepts Artist from Philippines


r4troot r4troot Human from Jordan

nice … Big like :) Good luck

binxent binxent Artist from Philippines


SkyEmpire SkyEmpire Artist from Philippines


Ashrafelser Ashrafelser Human from Egypt

nice work Mohamed

Bisso Bisso Human

Good job m8 ;)

Fantastic design and concept.

squiffel squiffel Human from United States

win it!

SURFer SURFer Human from KY, United States

Lovely design, fascinating concept and very nice artwork. I would prefer seeing it on a light heather/tan shirt instead of white.

xiaobaosg xiaobaosg Artist from Singapore

cool! +1

neofotistou neofotistou Human from Greece

very cool, and voted :)

rookiedesigns rookiedesigns Human from Singapore, Singapore

cool +1

I like it :D

dareenbadran dareenbadran Human from Jordan

the desing look amazing i really like it keep it up :)

Suyumbike Suyumbike Artist from Turkey

Cool! +1

sayahelmi sayahelmi Artist from Indonesia

awesome, +1

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