Carli Carli Artist from Denmark

Nice, I really like the hand +1

BlackShinigami BlackShinigami Human from United States

plz vote for this one, i want it!!

przmarco przmarco Artist from United States

If you want it share it on Facebook if you have one :D

Izileana Izileana Human from United States

omg this is the most wonderfull. AMAZING.AWESOME SHIRT I’VE SEEN IN A LONG TIME!! nice work przmarco!

Slupy Slupy Artist from United States

Hey can everyone do me a fave and “LIKE” my page for my T-shirt designs http://www.facebook.com/pages/Prodigy-T-shirts/221566967935706

Racoolg Racoolg Human from United States

Awesome! Everyone vote for this one I would buy it! PRINT!

casmir casmir Human from United States

Great design!

AgostoFilipino AgostoFilipino Artist from Manila, Philippines


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