Ceddyishman Ceddyishman Artist

very very nice. Not as sure about the colour, but the lions get me. +1

ridvan ridvan Artist

powerful. +1

igo2cairo igo2cairo Artist from Canada

Awesome, this looks like a print! +1

bugsy714 bugsy714 Human

nice colors, great placement, and love the lions. +1

reprint mens M plz!!

grand_david grand_david Artist

Very nice , I bought it :-)

Sublevel Sublevel Artist

This looks even better on the actual T-Shirt! I added it to my shopping bag once i will order Shirts.

janinkaw janinkaw Human

Great! Just received :) thanks for this design!

atomichild atomichild Artist from United States

great print

Nice work. I just ordered one of these shirts today!

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

That’s weird.. if i click on this shirt on the side where it says “More by this artist” it then says “out of stock of this color”. Anyway, glad it’s not out of stock, this goes to my shopping bag!

aw man… now this shirt www(dot)designbyhumans(dot)com/vote/detail/12338 is gonna be printed :P

aman aman Artist

Oh my! congrats! great shirt, I told you my father is god, I knew this ‘ll get printed :P

Incarnadine Incarnadine Artist

This turned out great! I ordered this right away! Thanks DBH!

I’m getting this one next!

Byte Byte Artist

mmmh a bit too messy for me…

Wow. I have to get this shirt. This is killer! And my wife will be glad its not a black shirt. Thanks!

dagnis dagnis Artist from Latvia

congrats! turned out great indeed! looks awesome!

Incarnadine Incarnadine Artist

hah I wonder what car the DBHmobile is…

TaoJin TaoJin Human

Looks like a Dodge Magnum

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