leascott leascott Human from United Kingdom

This tshirt is amazing!! I like the feathers…top illustration! :)

danielbaker22 danielbaker22 Artist from United Kingdom

thanks very much =).

florencewillow florencewillow Human from United Kingdom

this tshirt is awesome defo wanna get one. xxx

Vanya Vanya Human from United States

illustration done with paint?

Ye11ow Ye11ow Human from United Kingdom

Love it should do more

danielbaker22 danielbaker22 Artist from United Kingdom

Illustration originally drawn out with pencil, then took it into photoshop and inked out the lines with plain black brush =)

alexblake alexblake Human from United Kingdom

this is awesome :) I really want one. please put some more designs up.

rooeybeer rooeybeer Human from United Kingdom

Amazing design! :)

karlgr90 karlgr90 Human from United Kingdom

Quality mate, more of the same!

kroe8 kroe8 Human from United Kingdom

hmmm yes this t-shirt seems very interesting, excellent imagination and fine detail. i reckon whoever the designer is will go far in life.

laurajane laurajane Human from United Kingdom

really cool!! :) x

shwanhamidi shwanhamidi Human from United Kingdom

this is probably the best illustration i’ve ever seen in my life.

Kimberley93 Kimberley93 Human from United States

I think this is a fantastic design and would like to see loads more!! Great Stuff!

sazxsazxsazx sazxsazxsazx Human from United Kingdom

i love how you have positioned it on the tshirt!

hesinSHEROKO hesinSHEROKO Human from Papua New Guinea

strange that every comment only comment ur tshirt!fake

iamrobman iamrobman Artist from Batangas CIty, Philippines

lol all those comments got no photos of users..well….

danielbaker22 danielbaker22 Artist from United Kingdom

I am new to design by humans and the web page talked about self promotion so i thought that people generally told friends and what not about it so I did. Really don’t want that to let this design down through my mistake because I do like this design. I realised it was more community based so haven’t told people about my other designs =)

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