ohbarrett ohbarrett Artist

so awesome. will be buying.

Liked this as soon as I saw it. Got a female opinion and she picked this one without any influence on my part so I was sold. Got it today and I am extremely satisfied with DBH.

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

Just ordered, cant wait to see it!

Setup85 Setup85 Artist from United States

Got it in, looks sick! Where are the DBH stickers though? :(

Purchased, will be strutting this in the U.K :)

Also, add more of your work!

Aligned Aligned Human

Awesome shirt, just ordered it.
Nice job getting your other design on shirt.woot
It’s where I heard about this shirt. I registered just to get it. :)


dam this is so ill, got to tell you again this is such a filthy T

jsheldon jsheldon Artist from United States

Just purchased! and can’t wait to get it!

b0nch b0nch Human

cocks i luv em

nolife nolife Human from Portugal

how about some new available M shirts for men? :)

k_kvad k_kvad Artist

Как же я люблю этот неповторимый и очень узнаваемый стиль!!!!!
эта иллюстрация моя одна из моих любимых!

Koldorak Koldorak Artist

nice composition!

Looking for mens reprints!!

zen_killa zen_killa Artist

i own this one !! i’m really happy with it. zen

OmegaMan5000 OmegaMan5000 Artist from United States

reprint! People love J3. :D

afrinix afrinix Human from South Australia, Australia

Please reprint this in the women’s small. I really want to buy it, but didn’t even know about this site until a few months ago. I keep looking at it every day, hoping it will be reprinted.

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