Saleen Saleen Human from United States

Its ok but there are so many other good shirts out there that i am somewhat shocked that they havent been added yet.

k1mikuni k1mikuni Human

Congrats! nice shirt

BKmedia BKmedia Artist


iuliux iuliux Artist

love it

Nice! So, can somebody explain to me what this shirt means?

a_mar_illo a_mar_illo Artist from Spain

well, the design “The Hunter” tries to represent in a metaphysical way the clash between the arrival of the first white men with the nature in America (or any other place), the hunter with the ridiculously huge antlers on his shoulders represents “greed”, He is also rooted to the ground like as he were a tree or as he was hounted by nature itself. So I think it is a positive and somehow “cool” image but it is also a critique. I hope I could explain it at least somehow:)

ordered! but im still waiting for it to arrive! i cant wait! :D

Really cool! Please reprint men’s large!!!

Veevz Veevz Human

Reprint Size M please!

Maite Maite Human


reprint mens large

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