i didn’t think it was a dragon as much as a monster.

Lascivius Lascivius Human

stickyeekynicky – FYI: I was singling you out, you have the right to have your opinion, but you also don’t really have to post negative things. I mean, “I can’t understand the fascination with this. Sorry. Just not my thing I guess.” isn’t exactly a constructive form of criticism. It’s essentially just proclaiming an assertion and then walking away with a disgusted look on your face. Does not one any good, see my point? Nearly all artists appreciate constructive criticism, but not empty statements of dissatisfaction.

how do u do that line across the words?
Emo are your rxns.
Yikes! We’re in for war. Sigh.

“Methinks the problem is that it isn’t “emo” enough for some of these contemptuous louts. Phaw!” isn’t the most constructive criticism to my comment as well. Your reaction is extremely emotional (not mine). What went through my mind was really, “WOW, lots of peole like this and I strangely don’t. I may be the odd one. Oh well.” Very far from your dramatic take on it.

But you essentially broke down the core of your outburst. To return the favour , my constructive comments are:

1) I probably see too many dragons in Asia to wanna wear another hybrid.
2) I think it is drawn well in the style of Japanese anime but it stirs no reaction in me whatsoever in fashion terms.
3) I am 100% impartial to statement and/or non-statement tees but seriously, it’s another dragon-ish tee, plonked in the centre.
4) The artist can definitely draw dragons better than I ever can.

Now, you can copy me on this on Oily Monster and Foo Dog.

iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

Ok you 2..knock it off..(Lascivius and stickyeekynicky)C’mon, “One man’s meat is another…blah blah”. I don’t have to finish that sentecnce off coz you both have heard of it right? SO STOP ARGUING!..Personally, i like this design..kinda reminds me of the toy series “Monsters in my pocket”...ahhhh..

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Wow, who knew bright colored monster shirts would bring the drama. LOL.

Robotika Robotika Human

I love the colour choices for this design. I don’t quite comprehend why so many people are frothing at the mouth over this one. Or, heck, any of your designs to date. It’s got that excellent punch of colour and the style I’ve come to expect from Miss Monster. And what’s up with people comparing it to anime or every other “dragon” out there? Perhaps there is some influence, but do we not find influence in all things around us? Her style is definitely her own. I have yet to see any pieces, from someone else, that looks like a Miss Monster design. So many drama lamas in here. Shame on you!

jacqoon jacqoon Human

sorry this design just doesn’t work for a shirt. i don’t like it. i do see many of these kinda dragon-ish hybrid stuff in Asia, it’s not fresh for me, and they aren’t exactly worth much.
same for both oily monster and foo dog.
i agree with dara about it being dated. maybe its the colours? or the tribal/anime influence?
i did check out your website.. and you can draw well. i do like some of the paintings.. perhaps some stuff that work for a canvas don’t for a shirt at all.

That is emotional attachment triggered by childhood memories. See, this design works for Iggi, not for me. Very normal. No need for outbursts. I have nothing against the artist. I love her sculptures, it’s awesome as sculptures.

endejester endejester Artist

Talent intimidates, its not dated in my eyes, not like the slue of lions appearing all over (no offense but I see them only as sliding in on the heels of the Narnia books and that fundamental Childhood ‘self sacrifice’ theme that so many people like to project on themselves. (how long they have suffered and how much they have seen)
It’s not as over used as splashes of blood and Skulls on the shirts, razor blades and pop culture images either. It’s simple, in a unique style that is characteristic of this artist and this artist alone. (as much as I have been around, no one has ever hit this style but her. It’s indicative to me of professionalism, creativity, and overall a celebration of cultures that a great deal of the population is not only familiar with but celebrates for its uniqueness. (though this one Is not one I would term as having an Asianic theme but more perhaps overtones of India and a hint of ‘where the wild things are’ with just enough lovecraft to make it rock. At this point I really feel that many of the negative comments are being places only becuase of the high positive vote count in an apparently effective effort to ensure that these designs, regardless of their popularity will not be printed and thats really quite disheartening.

WinterArtwork WinterArtwork Artist from Barbados

your artistic style is awesome, the design is excellent and it catches the eye…I’ll vote and I’ll buy if it gets printed

PS – constructive criticism is always welcome but I hate when people just leave negative comments. Mr “u need to quit this carrer bro” you need to quit posting …and it’s spelled “career”..lol

Negative comments are not given to ensure a design will not make it but simply to voice an opinion. It’s a matter of taste. If u put up a design for critique, be prepared for all kinds of comments. This wld go thru anyway with the majority vote, it’s obvious to all. The artist can be confident of that. The ppl frothing at the mouths really, are those angry at the negative comments. It’s a delight to see Miss Monster take inspiration from Japanese cartoons and Asian themes. Anyway, where’s the fun without some drama.

India is in Asia.

Skadegan Skadegan Human

Wonderful colors.
I NEED this shirt.
Perfect to support an artist and be original out in public.

endejester endejester Artist

And yet with nearly 250 votes her OilMonster has not yet gone through, yet we are to believe with the arbitrary nature of the voting system that negative comments have no effect on the shirts?

Stinger Stinger Artist from Netherlands


iggi_09 iggi_09 Human

i want the grey one..to many black tees for me.

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Yeah grey would look pretty cool, actually!

bicozikan bicozikan Artist

Ooooo! This is wicked
Loving his tusky spikiness

igo2cairo igo2cairo Artist from Canada

Love the boldness of this and the colors. +1

Okay, late to the party, but I really like this one. Wondering why it’s not a shirt yet! +1

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