manuelmar manuelmar Human from Mexico


McSerious McSerious Human from California, United States

Whoaaa nice!!

saducas saducas Human from United States


cybersamurai1 cybersamurai1 Artist from CA, United States

Very nice art work, works well with shirt color and shirt composition. +1

ArtisDesign ArtisDesign Human from Hungary

amazing, but not on shirts..

gustavo gustavo Artist from Brazil

fantastic work!!!!

jun_salazar216@yahoo.com jun_salazar216@yahoo.com Artist from manila, Philippines


superman2k38 superman2k38 Human from United States

uber uber cool!

ashtn ashtn Artist from Canada

love the style! very nice work

daBnB daBnB Artist from Belgium


MatPringle MatPringle Artist from United Kingdom

Woah – epic.

edsapparel edsapparel Artist from Vermont, United States

this is sick, id buy it as a poster

robsonborges.com robsonborges.com Artist from Sao Paulo, Brazil

Waou! +1

milofranceschii milofranceschii Artist from Croatia


girlslikepurple girlslikepurple Human from Morocco


klause18 klause18 Human from California, United States


Solsogear Solsogear Artist from Florida, United States

Love this style. Great job man.

UpforDraw UpforDraw Artist from Philippines

great design, are you by any chance a concept artist?

Tciddados Tciddados Human

due to the poster comment I decided to check if this image was anywhere else online, and I found This deviantart link of a piece of Darksiders fanart from ’09 by some Alex guy in Bulgaria, which doesn’t mesh well with “maat69 from the United States”.

It is a pretty sweet design though.

UpforDraw UpforDraw Artist from Philippines

too bad, so i guess this really isn’t maat69’s design? probably the reason why this hasn’t been printed yet despite the large number of votes. perhaps he couldn’t provide the hi-res file? idk


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