luke9480 luke9480 Artist

really nice, colours are sweet!

very damn cool. but the placement sucks, replace in center > i buy :)

eyesloveyou eyesloveyou Artist

hahaha! Actually, ceci n’est pas une pipe was stating that the drawing wasn’t actually a pipe, but the representation of it.. since the cliche is the representation of something, ceci c’est une cliche!.. but you could read the message as if you tried to redo/improve the the Che’s Tshirt cliche, and that you tried really hard not to fall into it… and I think you didn’t fall into it..
Having said that.. EXCELLENT!.. I don’t know if I’d wear that, beacuse I don’t know much about “el Che” (even thou I’m from Argentina), and I don’t like to wear anything I’m not fully (or at least a bit) interiorized with..
Anyhow, great job here.. got my vote!
Love the placement picture and its Magritean (?) dove and hat.. the rocky background kinda reminds me of a scene from “Un Chien Andalou”.. well chosen!

kakolak kakolak Artist from France

Superbe. Lot of details, great colors !

tobiasfonseca tobiasfonseca Artist from Brazil

Awesome! Print! :D

Burt_Cocain Burt_Cocain Artist


alan_maia alan_maia Artist

hehehe mestre !!!!!!

Joho22 Joho22 Human

thats actually really sweet, but i think the colors are just too bright for me to wear.
I think a more of a gray scale will really bring that shirt together.

Adorei td!!

casajordi casajordi Artist from France

Super comme d’hab’ ! The “mathiole’ touch”

vtrain vtrain Human

Please Print This! Magritte, Che, what more could you ask for?

brainoff brainoff Human

Super , why its not available in the stock.

illustplosion illustplosion Artist from United States

Fodido, você é muito bom!!!

the_jcw the_jcw Artist

sweet shirt

Boomer Boomer Human

Clever. Awesome.

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

ye cant vote either strange..

Dr_Ernst Dr_Ernst Artist

perhaps theres a top number for the number of designs u can vote for in an hour or so..

verdant verdant Artist

like ur style dude…+1
Please check out

Xerty Xerty Artist from France

En français! héhé great design man +1

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