BucSappy BucSappy Human

If this wasn’t an original idea like others suggested, then why wasn’t it done before? CT deserves credit where it’s due. Amazing shirt/idea.

tnation tnation Human

Good job Congrats

Beautiful! I disagree with stiricide – I like the subtlety of the design on the backdrop of the darker tshirt. :)

stiricide stiricide Human

love the design, i just wish that the girls shirt were a lighter color, so you could actually SEE it.

rice foot

sjem sjem Artist

Pardon my french.

sjem sjem Artist

This looks great.

The emptees guys can go sit in there ivory internet towers and winge.

I like the model!! He’s hot!!

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

The image was public domain so it’s fair game.
Plus I think I did make the image “my own” with how I used it on the shirt. I could’ve just put it right smack in the middle but by simply playing around with position and size, I created something unexpected. I’m sure that wouldn’t mean anything to you because you’ll probably say that it took all of 2 minutes. But sometimes it’s the simple, unexpected solutions that make for good design. I believe that’s what makes this shirt conceptually strong, even if it took me 2 minutes to design and ultimately get my $750.

Dara Dara Artist

Same here, I’m not bashing CT. You do solid work. I totally agree that not everything has to be illustrated, i do plenty of other work too.

I just thought that one of the rules of the competition, was that your entry had to be 100% your work. This was a completely unmodified scan from a book. You didn’t even change anything to make it your own.

I’m happy you won. I would rather you win than some kid that created fake accounts to win. I vote for you all the time, just not this one.

My 2cents.

derekdeal derekdeal Human

i dont want to give the impression that im out to bash your work, or think that hand drawn is the only way, that would be completely hypocritical of me. It was wrong for me to jump in now and say something after you’ve already won, it just comes off petty. So enjoy your win dude, i didnt mean to harp or tarnish it for you.

jfinley jfinley Artist

I will agree with Collision Theory on this one. He’s obviously got talent, so you can’t bash him. And right now everyone’s hot on the drawing your own stuff trend. However, if you want that Dover look, it’s more efficient to just use Dover. There is no sense in inflating your ego because you drew it all by hand. Using stock is not a crime.

I think most people are mad because you won $750 for using Dover stuff. No big deal.

MrRocks MrRocks Artist from New South Wales, Australia

I personally lean towards 100% original illustrated content, but this is a solid shirt. Congrats, and you have managed to design a classic, no matter how you did it. Enjoy the spoils, and don’t listen to any of negative comments. This shirt holds its own amongst everything else DBH have printed. My 2c worth…

this is pretty sick. I would wear it

The manticores have been hell of cannibalistic as of late

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

Whatever guys, I respect you all but i’m tired of this bringing other guys down like you’re the police on what’s weak or what’s not. I’ve said this many times before, I use clipart, I don’t have shame in that. I use whatever is legal to make a concept come to life. The heart was perfect for the concept. Just because it wasn’t hand drawn for 10,000 hours doesn’t mean it’s no good. I’ve had that heart for the longest time, sitting on what to do with it. I plopped it on a tee huge and it just made sense. And a lot of people seemed to relate to it. So did DBH. That’s that.

jimmyheartcore jimmyheartcore Artist from Florida, United States

I know you’re way better than something like this. I love a lot of your designs – and you know that. The thing is, this design could be printed by any number of companies the exact same way and DBH couldn’t do anything about it because the artwork is royalty free. You’ve got so much better in you! I will continue loving the rest of your stuff, this one just bummed me out.

derekdeal derekdeal Human

i agree with chris and jimmy, whats to stop any other company from doing the same exact thing…the art is royalty free. If DBH was smart they would have just opened the book and scanned it themselves and saved a few bucks. Love some of your other stuff but this is weak.

Dara Dara Artist

I agree with jimmy totally.
I know you are way better than this.

I get the concept but, it took no effort to get a heart illustration and place it big on a tee. Then you get $750 for it.

Seems shady to me, but whatever, its not my website.

KayaDot KayaDot Human

Congrats…That Jimmyfartcore says lame things. C’mon!

collisiontheory collisiontheory Artist from Philippines

Hey jimmy I know what you’re trying to say but this was one of my experiments with placement and I thought it’s a solid concept. A bigger take on ‘wearing your heart on your sleeves’. The dover clipart just seemed like the right style to make it come to life.

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