sebasebi sebasebi Artist from Rosario, Argentina

I love your work!

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

Nice on red man! cool resub! +1

kieranfivestars kieranfivestars Artist from United Kingdom

great design :)

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States

Really sweet design, details galore, have you considered making the design huge? +1

daleconcepts daleconcepts Artist from Philippines

great concept here qetza! + + +

Ingkong Ingkong Artist from Philippines

this is nice sir, a bigger size maybe.

Studio8Worx Studio8Worx Artist from Philippines

Love it
Man! Nice illo!

qetza qetza Artist from United States

Thanks everyone!

@ eembach and Ingkong – Generally I am so anti-small-print size it’s not even funny. In this case I wanted to go bigger, but too much of the design cut off for my liking, so I decided to go a more traditional size. It could still be fairly wide (14”-16” maybe).

barmalizer barmalizer Artist from kuningan, Indonesia

awesome qetza!!

nicebleed nicebleed Artist from Cebu, Philippines

great work bro! :)

BeadlerWorks BeadlerWorks Artist from NY, United States

Nice one man

angelartbyeve angelartbyeve Artist from United States


Siege Siege Artist

awesome! +1

rejagalu rejagalu Artist from Surabaya, Indonesia

the red is rad!!

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

awesome as always!

choppre choppre Artist from Maryland, United States

almost missed this one..great work buddy!

campkatie campkatie Artist from Georgia, United States

beautiful details +1

qetza qetza Artist from United States

Thanks again guys!

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