elninoalden elninoalden Artist

awesome dude!

Siege Siege Artist

nice! +1


7sixes 7sixes Artist from Minnesota, United States

def better without all the crazy lines!

Still love the coloring and definitely the water on this one. Just something about the lines seem “off” to me. They’re not necessarily bad.. as they give shape and dimension to the elephant.. they just look messy for some reason. Unflattering to the design. I feel they could potentially be done better somehow.

Also, what’s with the purple bumps near the elephants back leg, along the side of the shirt?

tylerbramer tylerbramer Artist from Wisconsin, United States

Well I was actually thinking of a mammoth as I did this. So its like a mammoth/elephant.

What about those bumps? Neither animal would seem to explain them. Oddly, I didn’t notice them the first time around.

If you are going for a (wooly) mammoth, I think this could look a lot better with more detail, like seeing the hairs in more detail, not just basic lines overlaying the body. Cause right now, as it is, the lines look more like they define the body and give it dimension. If they were to be hairs, I’d imagine some would hang off or affect the outline of the animal, to give them the look of hair.

Either animal would work, but to be fair you titled it “Watercolor Elephant”. :p

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