Oh, and I think that this is your greatest shirt in the voting right now. Just my opinion.

nk12man nk12man Human

The red shirt is awesome!

Phoenix77 Phoenix77 Human from Utah, United States

Love the shirt, red is best but id buy in on the black as well

talmyste talmyste Human from United Kingdom

love these ones that make no initial sense, that you can make your own vision from

Awesome work man, the red is pretty great, although I’m a fan of the charcoal one in the middle too, or is that black and my computer is playing up?
Your name in the collar is nicely placed too :)

Certyues123 Certyues123 Human from Uganda

funny!!!!! +1 ;)

Ncwwsww Ncwwsww Artist from Thailand

really powerful art!!!

johnny23 johnny23 Human

love this! great work! :)

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