sungod413 sungod413 Human

it’s cool

lhon03 lhon03 Artist from Manila, Philippines

cool dude! :) also check my work :)

melanies_felony melanies_felony Artist from Melbourne, Australia

I think the placement is off. It seems odd to put the the planes on the sleeve where no one will notice them. Also, they kind of look like they’re in an air show not an air raid. There is nothing apart from the name of the tee that suggests the planes are attacking rather than doing air tricks.

orbit orbit Human

@melanies_felony lol cant you see that the planes are in front of the sleeve and not at the back? The planes are not odds at all, in fact this is the detail it makes it special and the reason that i will buy it. The tittle is 100% what i see with my point of view. I think that your post is negative with no reason. If you dont like it just dont vote it. I like it very much +1 from me.

polidoros polidoros Artist

@Jkarnick sorry to say but there are some best image manipulations and edits. Also this one is shot by the designer also it is edited by the designer and it is “art” if you don’t like it just don’t act like a troll into the designs. I have posted some designs too made by my own photography and one of them with a friend cooperation on photo. So those are not just pictures. By the time the dbh crew accepts it means that the image has work on it. Also if you think that the image is someones else prove it and after post your trolly comment.

polidoros polidoros Artist

that means that you are giving negative feedback without knowing the source of the designs and you are not only giving bad feedback at one design, you are attacking the designer’s whole collection without having proofs. Also art isn’t only sketching but also manipulating and editing images that someone shoots especially if the photo is shot by the actual designer that uploaded the shirt stamp. There are different kinds of design and you should know this since you are an artist.

wotto wotto Artist from CA, United States

Hello Gentlemen,

OK this design is a photograph manipulated slightly and placed on a tee. It was accepted because it fulfills the requirements set by DBH. If it was selected for print the artist would have to prove that the photograph was not infringing any rights of ownership.

I honestly do not think this is worth squabbling over. DBH has strict rules that we follow to ensure all art is that of the artist. We have printed over 800 designs and have only a few issues with imagery in the past. Rest assured we will look into each winning design on an individual basis.

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