nokx nokx Artist

aah hot +1 ! check my works if you like ;]

ha, nice use of negative space.

adiwiener adiwiener Human


irpunk irpunk Artist


Gillizama Gillizama Artist

so cool man- wish I could vote.

RoyalFuss RoyalFuss Artist


Ysbrand Ysbrand Artist


nikkyeahh nikkyeahh Artist

mmmm, i like it
but the colors don’t convince me

maybe black shirt with fluorescent green godzilla

ohmybode ohmybode Human

I would go for the black shirt/metallic ink combo

biotwist biotwist Artist from new jersey, United States

Its an awsome desine but i cant picture it on black or with metalic inks

kit_hart kit_hart Human

Great design!

killerjello killerjello Artist from United States

This looks familiar for some reason…

Jirel Jirel Human

Yeh, baby! I would go with a Charcoal/Smoke colored tee. Definately Metallic Ink!!!

missmonster missmonster Artist from United States

Yeah i agree with the smoke color shirt…i like this design!

textur textur Artist

black shirt with metallic inks will be great !

Hey buddy, great designs, I am voting for your excellent talent. Go ahead

myteemo myteemo Human

Nothing a little mouthwash won’t cure I’m hoping! :D

+1 for Charcoal…great design

wicked sick. I really like it!

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