voted! +1! Take a look at my work who are voting, gives a force there?

aNN92 aNN92 Human

wow really impressive!! love it!!good luck!! ;)

!!!! awesome designe!!!!! very artistic and unique!!! :)

MrBlades MrBlades Human

amazing!!!great job i love the colour combination!

sanoukos sanoukos Human

awesome ;)
nice work dude… :)

stef12 stef12 Human

nice piece of work mate…
where can i order one…

amazing great job awesome designe voted +1000!!!

ArtbyAlissa ArtbyAlissa Artist from Andorra

Very nice work!

DimG12 DimG12 Human

Very professional and unique design! I would like to order one!

..Good Job it must win this contest.. :-)

polidoros polidoros Artist

thanks for the support :)

ujeff ujeff Artist

Love this!

ujeff ujeff Artist

I voted on both your designs.

polidoros polidoros Artist

thank you :)

Waste_Factory Waste_Factory Artist from Singapore


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