fishbiscuit fishbiscuit Human from United States

Very nice! I love the way the stripes run the length of the shirt. Ah, childhood memories. :)

I’m just going bananas over this… ;o)

Company34 Company34 Artist

I love Herbie The Love Bug but I think this is a trademark issue with the Disney Company. Maybe you should look to make sure. I believe Bill Walsh, the producer, trademarked this design a long time ago.

synaptyx synaptyx Human from Fife, United Kingdom

Awesome! Totally classy.

WeRsNs WeRsNs Human

haha this i greaat !

maclac maclac Artist from United Kingdom


Siege Siege Artist


Vedz Vedz Human from Jakarta, Indonesia

Heyho .. Herby’s number & strip.
I think if the color of the tee is cream, would probably even more nice. Cool +1

cubik cubik Artist from United Kingdom

Hey, thanks Vedz. Yes, I agree, and actually, the mockup above is supposed to be in biscuit or light yellow (there doesn’t seem to be a cream option). I forgot to update the relevant layer in the final file and subbed it before I noticed.
Hopefully I’ll be able to rectify that if this prints.

andyhunt andyhunt Artist from United States

+1 mofo

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