Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Just a suggestion, I think you could find a better mock-up model or template, DBH has it’s own free ones plus there’s tons of free ones all over the internet too.

On the subject of the shirt, I think it’s a nice idea and fairly clever but probably not something I would buy from DBH.


I think it would do better without the birds on the left.

Swissss Swissss Human

This is a great design. I think the birds on the left really add to the idea that some time has already flown. Not discernible as a watch? Well, I can see what you mean. It does kind of look a bit like an Apache helicopter gunship. Except for the fact that it looks JUST LIKE A WATCH. If you want photo-real, go and photograph a watch.

Love it. Want one.

Oubergine Oubergine Human

^ Haha I totally agree with Swisssssssss! Love the icon style watch, it is minimal and really works and I think the birds flying away are what makes the t-shirt, it’s all in the detail! Cool – buy it :)

Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Honestly, I’d have to agree with String that more could be done to make it look more like a watch. I looked at it for a solid half-minute before reading the title and getting the concept.

this is a strong retro design.

Siege Siege Artist


ohcharli ohcharli Human

I think there’s something Escher-esque about this. Nice. And I agree with Swissss. That there is a watch, and no mistaking.

dannyw dannyw Human

Striking design (and definitely a watch…)

bconstant bconstant Human

Reminds me of Flavor Flav, for some reason :-)
Really cool, loving the retro revival. Defo get this one.
And it’s clearly a watch, jus have to stand further back.

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