hipauliee hipauliee Artist from United States

legit. +1

DrStein DrStein Artist


it reminds me a little of katamari damacy

u are great at what you do keep it up!

Flicki Flicki Human

Love the design. Please reprint!!

Omg, i need this shirt in medium.. freaking bomb.

Angyman Angyman Human

This is one good shirt, would liek to see it reprinted in small = ]

I hate myself so much for missing out on this one again! Reprint small please!!

abcdeline abcdeline Human

nooo i need a small!

amazing shirt, i love robots.

keenan88 keenan88 Human

please reprint in small

Rx19 Rx19 Human

i just bought this shirt, i can’t wait to wear it =D

x2mjokada x2mjokada Human

Bought this shirt, and no doubt its one of my favorites! this design rocks!

Recycledwax Recycledwax Artist

Woooohoo! Thanks for the reprint! :-)

Exnie Exnie Human

I am SOOOOOO glad they reprinted this! I was going to get this a while ago but when I finally got around to buying it they had run out of my size!

gilmoreart gilmoreart Artist from United States

Great robots!!

timrobot timrobot Human


Reprint in Medium please!! This shirt is friggin awesome looking!

Gimmik Gimmik Artist

Reprints please! D=

hodgey_15 hodgey_15 Human

reprint small please

Exnie Exnie Human

I can has reprint in large?

like “ashtraybroom” says reprint again in small.

OR. XS if you do that.


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