Godric2099 Godric2099 Artist

Really nobody likes these guys?

Jek0 Jek0 Human

I like it ! I think it’s very fun !

Malora Malora Human

I don’t think it’s a good fit for this site. I come here for $20 long-term investment shirts. In ten years, the shirts I bought here are still going to be a beautiful works of abstract art. So paying $20 is okay.

For cute shirts that make me smile (like this one does), I would go to a $10 impulse-buy site. It’s fun, but it’s not a long-term investment. That’s my thought process as a consumer. It doesn’t make you any less talented as an artist, it’s just how I decide to buy things.

So the short version of this comment is: maybe try the design on another site that goes for more of the cute, funny side of things?

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