NeitherHi NeitherHi Human


this iz amazing

O-O hehe i likez yo shirt :P

crow91100 crow91100 Human


mrdavenport mrdavenport Artist from NC, United States

don’t get your friends/teachers to vote up your designs, it will not help your chances getting printed.

all these need a lot of work, in my honest opinion.

coltsfan01 coltsfan01 Artist

mrdavenport, why do you say that?
From all the feedback I’ve gotten, I believe my designs are very good!
You may not, but that’s just one person! Even if someone like you wants to hate on everyone else designs, they are good, despite your apparently “professional view”.
and, just to let you know, the only friend/teacher i have on here is my graphic design administrator, and my track coach, who too works in the art business.
So, if you don’t mind, please do not post rude/ignorant comments with no support on a designer looking to bring himself up in the graphic designing business. Thanks, but no thanks.

chadxd chadxd Artist

Amen to that coltsfan01

yomomma yomomma Human

sounds like mrdavenport is a tool. don’t worry about it, coltsfan01. maybe he is afraid of a little friendly competition?

i think your design rocks!

coltsfan01 coltsfan01 Artist

thanks, guys!

Cisko Cisko Human

i think thats how you spell it but awesome anyway that guys crazy im amazed at that design still. itll be the winning one!

mrdavenport mrdavenport Artist from NC, United States

@coltsfan01 and @yomomma

Im not going to argue with you. All Im going to say is every single person who has commented on your designs, including yomomma, became a member of DBH within the past week.

Seems fishy to me. I wouldn’t be surprised if yomomma was literally your mom.

Make sure you’re working in 300 dpi, this will definitely help your presentation. Keep at it dude, I look forward to seeing your next designs.

coltsfan01 coltsfan01 Artist

Alright, but I can promise you yomamma is not actually my mom. But, I would like to ask if I can have my resolution at 300 dpi, because I submitted it at 300, but was rejected. Is it possible to make my resolution higher?

Sorry for freakin’ out- coltsfan01

the desing is so sick and i love the black city with the colored background

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