Freakin AWESOME. You should work for Affliction.

daletheskater daletheskater Artist from Australia

Nice work! +1

I’m new to design by humans, I just browsing and this caught my eye. buddy you got my vote.

This is absolutely AWESOME! I hope this gets voted in! I totally want to buy this shirt!

Elvandare Elvandare Artist from United States

Thank you all! More designs on the way too =)

shamp21 shamp21 Human

Freaking awesome work. I would pay 40 bucks for this design on the right material today.

carbine carbine Artist from CP, Indonesia

Love it! +

spenvo spenvo Human

HUGE disclaimer here: I know Elvandare as a friend. But!

He’s so freakin’ talented; he’s got so much stuff that he’s afraid to share. I really think he needs to get himself out there because people need to see his stuff!

fixpunk fixpunk Human

Love! So buying this!

Umm…. wouldn’t printing this be copyright infringement?

Hey that’s awesome

Company34 Company34 Artist

This is a awesome shirt!

@ nobillygreen…You are correct about copyright infringement. As a lyricist I am familiar with Section 106 of the Copyright Act. Only the copyright owner has the right to create derivative works of a work, which here would be the song lyrics. So if you print the lyrics on a t-shirt intended for sale without negotiating a license with the copyright owner, it is infringement. But I wouldn’t worry about a fine, the most you’d get is a cease and desist letter – if it even got noticed at all. However, I think this shirt might be okay because the lyrics are faded and maybe in some areas unreadable.

That aside… It is a awesome shirt Elvandare! I voted. +1

Elvandare Elvandare Artist from United States

Thanks Company34!

I thought of that when designing the shirt, and that’s why they are faded and unreadable in most spots.

Karyn2002 Karyn2002 Human from United States

Just so you know, DBH won’t print it if there’s a suspected issue with copyright infringement. DBH is a business, and they aren’t going themselves up to a lawsuit over this shirt. The fact is, you knew that copyright might be an issue and chose to use the lyrics anyway, and such a way that it was noticeable by people that you were using those copyright protected lyrics.

“Meh, they probably won’t notice” is NOT the way to approach copyright, especially when you are relying on a third party (DBH) to print your work – that not only opens you up to a lawsuit, but them as well, and it reduces your credibility with the community (if not the company) when it comes out that you are using copyrighted images you don’t have the rights to. I’ve seen it happen a ton, and artists have been blackballed because of it.

Elvandare Elvandare Artist from United States

Karyn2002, lesson learned and btw DBH wouldn’t have let the design be submitted in the first place had there been an issue, they are very strict about that.

BTW, I do not use copyrighted images so don’t put me in that category.

Elvandare Elvandare Artist from United States

Oh and I forgot to mention, those aren’t the real song lyrics anyway. I am simply using the idea as a design meme. Obviously people aren’t accepting it very well, lol!

I don’t think these people realize that this is and awesome shirt without the lyrics. Its not like its a hard thing to change. People should quit bitching. Its a great shirt.

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