Malora Malora Human

You subbed! I thought you were going to keep working on this.

I still like the touch of amber color, especially in the woman’s eyes. I don’t understand the line through the moon and it’s hard to see how each panel relates to the next. I think it still needs some tweaking. But there’s a certain sense of eerie stillness that I like about this.

Good luck!


3CardMonte 3CardMonte Artist from United States

I love the idea for this, and I know you’re trying to go for the comic/panel type of thing, and its cool. But I personally think the stars could look better because it looks really boxy on the edges where the stars are. Maybe if it was all over print with the buildings coming out of the bottom of the shirt?

Katheebah Katheebah Artist from United States

the line through the moon is supposed to signify the divide between the two panels, but it looks a lil raunchy due to my uploading the wrong placement file :/ i had two and i accidentally picked this one

reedix reedix Human

I really like the “mystique” here :P

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