Katheebah Katheebah Artist from United States

Damn, I’ve got something similar floating around in the critique section, cept mine is a fair skinned gal with nature in her hair, also it’s a profile shot as well, and also hand drawn from scratch!! Great minds think alike!!

This shit is straight amazing. So is the artist. Worship her.

This shirt is iLL yo! I don’t vote at polls but I’ll definitely vote for this shirt! XD Uppin the funk!

I miss afros and boobies

very nice. vote for this one or die in a fire


Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Supportive fan base ;)
I think it’s a bit obscene for what DBH prints normally, but who knows, maybe they’ll make an exception. Good job…

..loved it!!

Xerty Xerty Artist from France

Pretty cool, love it! check mines too ;)

xevixeis xevixeis Artist from Spain

Really great! :D +1

eligo eligo Artist from Switzerland

lol, here is another one who thinks alike. but i think your design is way better than i would make it. +1

bipolaroid bipolaroid Artist

Thank you everybody for the support :) !!
And they say great minds think alike ;)

leopard leopard Human

Yea, this is pretty damn hot. Way to go!

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

Really looks well on the tee. +1

Shaila Shaila Artist from United Kingdom

rocking (voted)
check out mine

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