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I love all the controversy surrounding this shirt. I bought it for two very simple reasons: one, it is an original, beautiful piece of fabric art. Two, the degree of negativity in contrast with the positive comments posted in response to this shirt is not only astounding, it’s also refreshing, just like the shirt itself is. At the end of the day what you nay-sayers need to recognize is that Dagnis has constructed a product of art here, and whether you like it or hate it, he posted it because HE was confident in it. Whether you feel the need to bash him or not should be irrelevant, because either way, it means you have studied and reflected on what he has produced. He wins –

- and so are all of us who are now proud owners of this magnificently simple and refreshing shirt. Haha I sound like a weirdo :S I eagerly await its arrival in the mail.

Thumbs up, good sir. :)

Hey guys, don’t worry about the yellowishness. I was really surprised when I bought it, and it looks a lot better in white, yes. But it’s mostly about the lighting. Under good lighting it’s practically white. I was annoyed when I first opened it, but I wear it all the time and the only time it looks yellow is in my small, light-starved bedroom.

javy925 javy925 Human

I’ve been waiting for a while to purchase this shirt. I finally noticed it was in stock in my size and today they have a sale :D

Simonds Simonds Human

Holy crap. PLEASE REPRINT. This is such a cool shirt. Reprinting in white would be awesome (the artist even said he would prefer that) but I’ll take any color I can get.

Or just print one for me, that would work too :)

Brain Brain Human from United States

I just got it, I would have loved it if the stripes went around the back, but it’s still great!

asher2789 asher2789 Artist from United States


reprint PLEEEASE

i have and love this shirt but i lost weight so i need to buy it again in a small!

eembach eembach Human from TX, United States


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