Siege Siege Artist

very nice…

stinebeau stinebeau Human

this kid makes some pretty cool things, he’s got my vote. oh yeah!!!!

<3 it

Tiamarino Tiamarino Human

Love this! Very well done!

djqueso djqueso Human

this shirt is great! such an awesome and creative idea!

Mr_Barker Mr_Barker Human

Simple, elegant, aka I want it

KareBear5 KareBear5 Human

This is SO sick!

Moztown Moztown Human

I’d like to put this on, then put ON THE RITZ!

cari1990 cari1990 Human

This is such a sick shirt!!! I really hope you win, you very well deserve it! :)

Cool idea

lol. nice!

Mysteriously classy. I’d rock this shirt daily.

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

What a mustache :D

mawill mawill Artist

digg’n it big time +1

goat6boy goat6boy Artist

love mustaches this is classic

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