BenjaminPhantom BenjaminPhantom Artist from Florida, United States

Interesting fella.

Siege Siege Artist

love it +1

PenGrapH PenGrapH Artist from Parijs van Java, Indonesia

Neat ! +

vcalahan vcalahan Artist from France

Thx fellas and thx to Kharmazero for his advice on this!

sustici sustici Artist from italy/spain, Italy

so cool!+1

kharmazero kharmazero Artist from France

it was my pleasure.You nailed it nicely.

rejagalu rejagalu Artist from Surabaya, Indonesia


pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

You have a distinct work of art which is what I like about you! Nice work man! +1

johniS johniS Artist from Switzerland

like this…very unique!

Maxvador Maxvador Artist from France

original ! +1

dandingeroz dandingeroz Artist from Philippines

crazy good!!

bloodykirka bloodykirka Artist


Intrepid Intrepid Artist

Woah somehow I missed this one… Great job as always =) +1

brainboxz brainboxz Artist from Indonesia

LOL,...more love without background and make it bigger
But this is still great stuff. +1

sasanca sasanca Artist from Czechia

cool, I would only make it bigger on the T.

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