Malora Malora Human

I bought this more for helping Japan than for the shirt itself, but it turned out to be a great shirt. IRL, there is a sharper contrast between the blue of the ribbon and the blue of the shirt, so the image stands out beautifully.

I’d buy a medium mens too

Just got mine today and I love it. First time wearing XL worked to my benefit. My brother wants to get a Medium if they reprint.

Ubolt Ubolt Human

Reprint it! Want a medium! =)

Sleepy Sleepy Human

Please print more. I’d really like to buy one!

decastarn decastarn Human from Arizona, United States

Can you please get some in stock soon… i need a Small for my fiance and a Large for myself :)

kuwest kuwest Human

need Med’s size plz


medium reprint please

baccelli baccelli Human

just got it here!

Interested in a large if there’s a reprint

ehadb0104 ehadb0104 Human from France

Reprint pls

kwanja kwanja Human

Please please please reprint! (Men’s Medium!)

People over there still need help and we still have money to help them with! PRINT MORE! They will sell!!!

M.Engine M.Engine Artist from Italy


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