silvan silvan Artist

Looks really awesome, but I dont like the concept, sorry.
“The helmet protects the mind that protects our home” sounds like propaganda…

siefer17 siefer17 Human from Canada

Top quality. Very happy for you. =D

D4N13L D4N13L Artist from Cochabamba, Bolivia

wow, this is EPIC. Loves the colors and the concept, man, this is very, very nice. Congrats!!

FreshFabric FreshFabric Artist from Canada

Thanks, silvan. I meant for it to be interpreted on a more personal scale. It’s the thoughts of a soldier, rather than the beliefs of others. But like all art, interpretation always varies, and I respect your insight on the concept. I just don’t want anyone to get the impression that I’m a war advocate :P

pinkstorm pinkstorm Artist from Philippines

Congrats FreshFabric!

sustici sustici Artist from italy/spain, Italy

looks great! congrats

kalink kalink Artist from Yangon, Myanmar

really fresh and congrats!

coltsfan01 coltsfan01 Artist


Iaburton Iaburton Artist

awesome work sean!

Super Gnarly work dude. One of the coolest Tee’s i’ve seen anywhere, much less design by humans.

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