jaquetx jaquetx Artist from Brazil

Cool -

lucaspinduca lucaspinduca Artist from Brazil

minimalist and great! :]

PenGrapH PenGrapH Artist from Parijs van Java, Indonesia

really Cool !

IONN IONN Artist from São Paulo, Brazil


lucianofr32 lucianofr32 Artist


Puta! Very nice!

Reminds me greatly of Puddi. I like it.

rodrigomuller rodrigomuller Artist from Brazil

@ninjathesaurus what a nice character this Puddi! thanks for mentioning, I didn’t knew it. just got a new idea!

Rior Rior Human

Amazing! Great job.

Legal pela simplicidade e pelo efeito visual!...os olhos não estão alinhados com o desenho geométrico do cabelo…mas, se tivesse alinhado talvez ficaria monótono demais :S


Vimono Vimono Human

This is REALLY cool!!

My only concern would be for females. I’m not sure if this would work too well. I seen you’ve placed the eyes below the chest line to escape that issue, but I don’t know if it’ll be enough.

AWESOME design though.

rmnl rmnl Human

When can we get this? I want to order!

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