claodio claodio Human


c2designs c2designs Artist

[redfaced] i guess its too much to read (both of them) so i’ll just guess [walks away sheepishly]

Love the theme. You’ve got my vote.

endejester endejester Artist

Danka danka! and T_T aww! Sorry C2!

igo2cairo igo2cairo Artist from Canada

Love the story behind this, and the design, colors are beautiful. Voted.

farrp farrp Human

this sux, looks like a biblical image.

endejester endejester Artist

Ooo kay? I can only assume you say that becuase of either the medicine wheel with its cross bars, orrr… the solar disk. Either way I, can only recommend brushing up on the native American culture rather than attributing the ‘cross’ as a strictly Christian/catholic symbology given that it predates it significantly _ thank you for stopping by even if I do, kind of feel that was a very ignorant comment?

that is really cool! i wish i was as good an artist as you!!!
yeah, farrp’s a dick.

hyperhyphen hyperhyphen Artist

very nice technique

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