aman aman Artist

nice penwork :) +1

My sincerest appologies fairlady, Please let me try again. I like the texture on the hair and the beanie and around the eyes, but that hand kinda creeps me out. The chain mail pants and green feet make it look a little sloppy. You might be able to achieve a more sucessful design if you added more of the pleasing textures, and perhaps applied them to some surrounding figures. The plain black lines are kinda dull, they would be much better if they were in color or had some color in them. Keep trying, don’t give up. Don’t let insensitive, obtuse comments like mine dampen your creative spirit. Let the force be your guide.

Myfairlady Myfairlady Artist

Thanks hippokiller21 ! Your comment is very constructive ! ( laugh )

WarholBot WarholBot Artist

nice illustration

younguns younguns Human

hippokiller is a jerk don’t mind him, gosh you suck dude

lolzenu lolzenu Human

I adore this! reminds me of the cover art on a devendra banhart album :-)

That’s not the only thing you don’t do well, this sucks. (no offense)

audbo audbo Human

wahhh nice illustration !!! It will be pretty for girls

louisroskosch louisroskosch Artist from United Kingdom

nice, votted!

stashvamps stashvamps Artist

haha i voted. very strange.

mr_poutre mr_poutre Human

nice and funny illustration!!! I very like this!!!!

enora enora Human

Cool illu. Un vote en plus.

mrpimpant mrpimpant Artist

hahaha great illu, love the feet.

Burt_Cocain Burt_Cocain Artist

E.T when he is dressed up as a woman!

I will always remember!

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